"I have known Julie for over 10 years.  During that time, she has taken care of all my skincare needs.  She is always professional and courteous.  In addition, she is knowledgeable in her field.  She gives me fabulously relaxing facials, and for many years, she tinted and permed my lashes.  Recently, we decided to try lash extensions, and I could not be more pleased!  No less than a dozen people have commented on my eyelashes.  Even people in 'the business' say it's a remarkable job." ~Nancy E.

"Julie is a true brow artist!  She doesn't believe in one size fits all.  She specializes in creating the perfect brow shape and color for each unique individual.  I’m a bit of a tomboy, and I never wanted thin, highly arched eyebrows.  I wanted them to look natural, but manicured, and I definitely needed them tinted, since they’re so blond they fade into my skin color.  Julie made it all happen.  The aspect of Julie’s artistry that I appreciate most is that she is meticulous and doesn't rush through my wax and tint in ten minutes.  She spends as much time as necessary to ensure I receive the look I want, and that’s why I've been trusting her with my brows for the last five years!" ~Gail F.

"It is my pleasure to recommend Julie Ladd Skin Solutions.  She offers many types of wonderful facials.  I have been a client many years, am 72 years old and proud of the way my skin looks for my age.  Julie is a delight to be with, and I enjoy the time I spend there.  Try it.  You will love it." ~Frances S.

"With my brother's wedding approaching, his fiancée asked me if I could take her somewhere to have her wedding makeup done.  Since I go to Julie Ladd Skin Solutions for facials, makeup, and massage, she was naturally my first thought.  The bride had an inflexible work schedule, and I was forced to take her on a Saturday to a popular local spa.  Three hours later, we left disappointed.  I told her not to worry, that I would get her to Julie Ladd.  She took a day off of work, we went to Julie, and the magic began!  We were both so impressed with Julie's knowledge, explanations, and teaching.  Her results were amazing!  On the wedding day, the bride received more compliments on her makeup than her wedding dress!  Thank you, Julie, for making her special day so perfect!!!"  ~Janie B.

"I have been a huge fan of Julie's massages for 11 years!  When I travel, I treat myself to massages at other spas, but I have never had a more relaxing or thorough massage anywhere else.  Julie really listens to me and pays special attention to my problem areas.  Her spa is always private, relaxing, and clean!  I also depend on her for skincare and makeup advice and love the products she's recommended by Dermalogica and Jane Iredale." ~Mary Ann H. 

"I am so impressed by Julie's impeccable cleanliness, neatness, and her nicely appointed office.  She treats every client with the utmost kindness and respect and encourages them to try new techniques and products, always with their best interest in mind.  Her quick response to my original inquiry resulted in my having an appointment much sooner than I anticipated, which made me very happy!  She is so very friendly and sweet--such a delight to be around--I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is interested in personal, friendly, quality care and treatment for skin, face, and body." ~Patty W.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Julie several years ago while she was working at another spa.  I enjoyed my appointments with her so much that I followed her when she opened her own spa.  I drive over an hour one way to get to her spa and really feel that it is worth it!  Julie is a very professional, lovely lady who is equally knowledgeable about skin and makeup.  I always feel welcomed and comfortable, and I would recommend her to any of my friends and family." ~Rhnnea C.

"Julie has done all of my facials, waxing, and tinting for the last 5 years.  She is always professional, friendly, and on-time.  I look forward to my appointment with her every month!  I have referred several friends and family members to her and they have all become regular clients.  She is also very knowledgeable about her products and has an excellent selection.  I highly recommend Julie Ladd as an aesthetician, a massage therapist, and a professional." ~Nicoll H.

"Like most redheads, I've always had really light eyelashes.  You couldn't even see my eyes without tons of mascara, and I never left home without it!  I had become a mascara-holic, and I was desperate to rid myself of this dependence.  I had a friend whose eyelashes always looked phenomenal, even when she wasn't wearing makeup.  She raved about getting eyelash extensions from Julie Ladd and said I absolutely had to try it.  I've been wearing eyelash extensions for two years now, and I've never felt more free!   I'm no longer a slave to mascara, and my eyelashes look better than ever!  Strangers compliment me all the time, and it's not just ladies that notice.  Plus it's an hour and a half of peace in my crazy and hectic life.  Julie always keeps a close watch on my eyes and eyelashes to be sure they're maintained properly and look perfect.  I always appreciate her care and concern.  I will continue to go to her for years to come." ~Laurie S.

"Julie Ladd’s artful precision in shaping the PERFECT eyebrow is absolutely worth the HOUR I have to drive to get it.  I have searched and cannot find anyone better!"  ~Robin G.

"Having had facials and massages with Julie over the past 10 years, I am confident that she is one of the most competent and knowledgeable aestheticians and massage therapists working in Nashville.  She is very professional, and I always enjoy my time in her lovely office." ~Lori C.

"Julie's reasonable rates, variety of services, and level of professionalism and expertise have kept me a loyal customer for the past 7 years.  I look forward to my appointments with Julie because I always feel comfortable and at ease, and I know the job will be done to my liking." ~Ellen B.

"Getting lash extensions with Julie is one of the best decisions I ever made for my personal appearance!  I get compliments all the time about how full, long, and GREAT my lashes look!  It is truly amazing how they bring out your eyes and detract from the unpleasant truths of getting older, like dark circles and wrinkles.  My favorite part of having lash extensions is how much better I look (and therefore feel) without makeup.  I just get up and go — looking fabulous!  With my busy life, having freedom from applying makeup is a BIG plus!  I first got lash extensions when I was pregnant because I knew I would soon have a lot less time to make myself up.  I cannot count the number of people who've told me that my pictures right after giving birth 'are the nicest and prettiest they have ever seen.'  Lashes and a special smile were all I had on my face!  Now, over three years later, I wouldn't give them up for the world.  Try them for a special occasion, vacation, or (like me) for every day...you will be SO glad you did!!" ~Shalene A.

"Julie has been my aesthetician for over 7 years.  She has done a remarkable job treating my sensitive skin.  While she recommends products to improve my skin's condition, there is no “hard sell."  I get massages from Julie as well, and she is always very professional, courteous, and respectful of my privacy.  I am 66 years old, and people often remark about the good condition of my skin.  I credit Julie.  I am very pleased we have her here in Nashville." ~Sue C.

"Julie has been shaping my eyebrows for many years, and I regularly receive compliments on them.  Her skills with waxing, tweezing, and dyeing are impeccable.  What really sets Julie apart is her artistry.  She shapes my brows in a way that is beautiful and natural."  ~Jean S.









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